Electronic Infraction Hearing Response Form

The local rules of the Municipal Court allow you to submit a written statement instead of physically appearing at an infraction hearing.

If you submit an electronic written statement rather than physically appearing at the hearing, please use the Electronic Infraction Hearing Response Form. If you are currently scheduled for a hearing, this form must be received by the court clerk at least two business days prior to the hearing. You must also include an active email address so the court can advise you of the result of the hearing. No appeal may be taken from the result. If you are contesting the infraction and intend to appeal if you don't prevail at the hearing, you must physically appear in court rather than submitting a written statement.

Form Submission Directions
Fill out the Electronic Infraction Hearing Response Form completely and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to process your form. The court will advise you of the outcome of the hearing by email.  Please refer to the Notice of Hearing you received to complete the "Hearing Information" section of the form.

Please provide the ticket number. It appears on the top right corner of the notice of infraction (ticket).

Please be sure to confirm your email address. Your email address will be used by the court to communicate with you on the results of the hearing.