Current Capital Projects

Current Capital Projects
Well 1 pipeline - Aaron's notes - Copy Well #1 Pipeline Pressurization Project

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The Well #1 pipeline pressurization project involves design and construction of the City's Well #1 water main, located on the north side of Shelton.

The rehabilitation of Well #1 and pressurizing the associated water main are key updates to the City's drinking water system.

This project will ensure the delivery of safe, clean water from Well #1 to the City's main water system. As Shelton grows, ensuring that our water system can adapt to increased demand will be critical. 

AMI Meters AMI Water Meter Replacement Project

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The AMI water meter replacement project improves the City's water metering system to allow City staff and customers to better manage our water resources.

The upgraded water meter system will provide timely water usage data regardless of weather conditions or power outages. 

The new system will also improve leak detection and our ability to serve customers.

Safe Routes to School - Website - Copy Safe Routes to School Roadway Crossing Improvements

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The purpose of the Safe Routes to School program is to improve safety and mobility for children by enabling and encouraging them to walk or bike to school.

The City is working on Safe Routes to School projects at three locations in Shelton:
- North 9th Street between West Franklin and the alley to the south
- Intersection of West Franklin and North 7th Streets
- Existing pedestrian crossing across Shelton Springs Road just north of the south driveway for Shelton High School