Shoreline Master Program

In 1971, the Washington state legislature enacted the Shoreline Management Act (SMA).  The SMA recognized the value Washington's shorelines offer for the recreational, commercial, ecological, and residential needs of our residents and future generations.  To meet the requirements of the SMA, the City of Shelton adopted its first Shoreline Master Program (SMP) in 1975.  The City completed a comprehensive update in 1995 with a substantial grant from the Department of Ecology.  

In 2003, the state legislature passed Substitute Senate Bill 6012, requiring cities and counties to comprehensively update their Shoreline Master Programs. The City completed our update in May 2013, also with a substantial grant from Ecology. SSB 6012 also stipulates that cities and counties regularly review and update their SMPs (generally at eight-year intervals) to ensure they remain consistent with state law.

The City's Shoreline Master Program was most recently updated in March 2023.

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