Code Enforcement

Our Code Enforcement division works with residents and property owners to maintain and improve property aesthetics, property values, and community appearance.

Code Enforcement officers partner with other City departments to effectively enforce housing, building, fire, and life safety codes to maintain life safety standards in Shelton.

Common code enforcement issues we see include:
  • Dangerous structures
  • Accumulation of litter and debris
  • Used, damaged, or discarded lumber, furniture, junk, or trash visible from public view
  • Detrimental maintenance of property (including tall grass)
  • Inoperable and/or junk vehicles parked on front, side, and rear yards
  • Maintenance of property as to cause a public nuisance
  • Excessive junk or debris accumulation in public view
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Report a Code Enforcement Issue
Report An Issue
To report a code enforcement issue within Shelton city limits, you can file a report online or through the City's mobile app.

Please note that inaccurate or incomplete information will delay or prevent further processing of a code enforcement report. Please provide as much information as possible when reporting a potential violation. If additional information is required, a Code Enforcement officer will contact you.