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The Storm and Surface Water Utility works on many levels to protect water quality and prevent flooding. This involves working closely with residents, businesses, and other government agencies to maintain a safe and healthy environment for people and wildlife.

Staff maintains miles of underground pipe, storm drains, and stormwater ponds that carry stormwater runoff from roads and rooftops to our streams, Oakland Bay, and Henderson Inlet. We monitor our waters, and initiate new ways to protect them through our education and outreach programs, technical assistance, and new regulations.

Stormwater starts as rain picks up pollutants from streets, sidewalks, and lawns as it runs off to pipes that quickly discharge into our streams and wetlands. Pollutants can harm animals and people, while too much water at once can cause streams to overflow and erode their banks sending muddy polluted water downstream.

Shelton is planning to adopt the 2019 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington.  A public hearing is scheduled for February 2, 2021, followed by adoption on February 16, 2021; both opportunities for public comment are at these regularly scheduled Council meetings.   If adopted with this timeline the new stormwater manual will be in effect on February 22, 2021.

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Need to talk to someone ASAP? In the event of an emergency during business hours, please call Public Works directly at (360) 426-6442 to report the incident. After hours, please call MACECOM at (360) 426-4441. Examples of Public Works incidents worth reporting include (but aren’t limited to): serious water leaks, fallen trees in a roadway, sewage backing up into a household or business, water across a roadway or flooding buildings, hazardous material spills on a roadway, or dangerous street conditions (sinkholes, potholes, etc.).