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Current Capital Projects Map - WICONS 1

1 - Basin 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

2 - Downtown Connector Project

3 - Turner Avenue revitalization Project

4 - C Street Landfill Cleanup



The Basin 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project will replace old, failing sewer system infrastructure that has deteriorated beyond the point of repair in the northern section of the downtown area. These improvements will eliminate current inflow and infiltration issues, increase the wastewater management system capacity allowing for additional service connections on the existing system, and reduce the city’s operating costs and energy consumption by reducing the amount of unnecessary inflow and infiltration that is treated at the wastewater treatment plant.


DCP Logo 2
The Downtown Connector Project  includes the complete revitalization of the West Alder Street/Olympic Highway North corridor – North 1st Street to West C Street. The estimated $4.3 million dollar project will feature new asphalt streets, sidewalks, streetscapes, street and pedestrian lighting, ADA ramps, stormwater upgrades, and intersection improvements, including the first roundabout in Shelton. The West Alder Street/Olympic Highway North corridor is a principal arterial and National Highway System Route connecting downtown Shelton to the city’s northern commercial and residential districts.


Turner Avenue revitalization Project
The Turner Avenue Revitalization Project features a series of upgrades to the stormwater system, including new storm lines, storm structures and the complete resurfacing on the roadway between East Angleside Road and South 16th Street. This will imporve stormwater runoff managment, and prevent unwanted and costly erosion problems.


C Street Landfill Cleanup
The C Street Landfill is just west of downtown Shelton and U.S. Highway 101. The Landfill was actively used as a dumping site for various industrial, municipal, and other waste for much of the 1900s. The City of Shelton is currently working with the State of Washington Department of Ecology to investigate and cleanup the site.



The Jones Road Water Main Replacement Project will replace approximately 1,640 feet of water main that services nine residential connections on SE Jones Road between Dickinson Avenue and SE Arcadia Road. The existing 6" Asbestos Concrete (AC) water main is currently in a state of deterioration. The new line will be upgraded to 8" PVC piping, which will provide significant increases to the system service capacity and fire flow.


The Wilson Street Restoration Project features a series of roadway upgrades on East Wilson Street between South First Street and Steven Street, including the installation of approximately 12,100 square feet of new pavement, widening the road to the city right-of-way boundary, adding several stormwater drainage system improvements, and the installation of new water and sewer utility stub outs to a number of vacant lots.


residential Street paving
In accordance with our commitment to improve and maintain the City’s aging infrastructure, the Public Works Department is currently working on some of the largest infrastructure improvement projects undertaken by the City in recent years, including the Downtown Connector Project and the Basin 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project. While leveraging the City’s limited resources on larger grant funded projects is an excellent way to make funds go further, we also recognize the need to make regular improvements on the City’s growing network of residential streets.

As we continue to seek out grant funding opportunities to revitalize qualified roadways, the City has committed to paving approximately 20 residential blocks every year. The Public Works Department is currently developing a road rating system that will allow the City to project when residential streets will be scheduled
for paving. This is an important step in determining how to maximize limited resources each year. 

2018 Residential Street Paving Schedule:

Thursday, October 4th
     - Satsop Avenue, 2nd St. to 3rd St.
     - Wilson Street, 1st St. to Stevens St.

Friday, October 5th 
     - 3rd Street, Wyandotte Ave. to Euclid Ave.
     - Kineo Avenue, 9th St. to 10th St.

Monday, October 8th
     - Olympic Avenue, 11th St. to 14th St.
     - Thomas Avenue, 11th St. to 13th St.

Wednesday, October 10th & 11th
     - Cota Street, First St. to Front St.
     - Birch Street, 10th St. to 'B' St.

Friday, October 12th
     - Madison Street, 'K' St. to 'J' St.
     - Jefferson Street, 'B' St. to 'A' St.

Completed as part of the Turner Avenue Revitalization Project earlier in 2018
     - Holly Drive, Turner Ave. to 14th St.
     - 12th Street, May Ave. to Turner Ave.


City of Shelton - Paving List 2018