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The Community Vision & Action Plan establishes a community-based vision and prioritized strategies for revitalizing downtown Shelton, Washington. The project builds on existing planning and capital projects and can be incorporated into future planning efforts such as the City of Shelton’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan updates. The project was conducted from March – July 2015. The City of Shelton and the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce coordinated the effort with consultants Forterra, Mithun, and the Walkable and Livable Communities (WALC) Institute. A series of workshops were held on April 11-12 and June 13 to introduce community members to ideas for downtown revitalization. Feedback was received from community members, which has shaped the final vision and recommendations.

Based on community feedback received during the planning process, Mithun created a vision plan and a series of diagrams demonstrating where some of these elements could be implemented and provided an illustration of what they could look like. Throughout the visioning process, community members were supportive of measures to revitalize downtown Shelton. The vision of the community includes a vibrant Railroad Avenue that retains historic and community tradition, but features thriving shops, public spaces, and investment in infrastructure. Implementation of the recommendations will depend on the City of Shelton’s planning process, funding availability, and the community’s willingness to remain engaged. The community vision should be implemented as a phased plan. Some elements might be achievable in 100-days, but others should be considered over the next 5-10 years. Revitalizing downtown will be an ongoing process, but this community vision provides a clear path forward.  

Community Vision & Action Plan

Railroad Avenue Corridor Revitalization  

Reflective of several of the design components suggested in the Community Vision & Action Plan, the City is currently in the planning and design stages of Access Shelton Phase IV, which provides for the complete revitalization of the Railroad Avenue corridor, a principal arterial and National Highway System Route connecting downtown Shelton to U.S. Highway 101. The roadway serves as a primary connection to schools, businesses, and recreation opportunities in the downtown core. The proposed design elements are intended to promote walkability and ADA accessibility, and improve traffic and pedestrian safety.

In May of 2018, the Shelton City Council voted to approve a contract with Grey & Osborne, Inc. to complete a funding application design. The design was completed on time, allowing the City to submit a grant application for the Transportation Improvements Board’s (TIB) Arterial Preservation Program and the Urban Sidewalk Program in August of 2018. In November of 2018 the City was awarded $410,400 in TIB Arterial Preservation Program funds and $350,000 in TIB Urban Sidewalk Program funds.

The estimated $1.76 million dollar project will include new asphalt streets, illumination fixtures, multi-use path, ADA ramps, stormwater upgrades, and new roadway regulatory signs to improve pedestrian safety. The proposed improvements are the result of several community outreach efforts, including the Community Vision & Action Plan.

Mason Transit Authority will be partnering with the City to contribute a bus shelter and two cross-walks with rapid flashers to further improve pedestrian safety.