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Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter accepts donations of food, treats, collars, and leashes. Please contact us for more information at (360) 427-7503 or by email at

Dogs living within the City of Shelton limits must also be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.

Our animal shelter works in partnership with Adopt-A-Pet in Shelton, Washington to adopt out as many dogs as possible throughout the year.  If you have questions regarding possible shelter adoption, please contact the Shelton Animal Shelter at (360) 427-7503.


Monday through Friday
Open 10:00AM-3:00PM - Please contact (360) 427-7503 during business hours or after hours (360) 426-4441.



902 W. Pine Street
Shelton, Washington 98584
(360) 427-7503 - Animal Shelter
(360) 426-4441 - Dispatch - Email

Animal Shelter Fees:
Effective August 1, 2022

Adoption Fee $200.00
Adoption Fee (Previously spayed or neutered) $100.00
Animal License (Yearly)
Animal License (Microchipped pet lifetime)
Spayed or Neutered (Yearly)
Service Dogs (Yearly)
Senior Citizen, 65 Years and Older (Yearly)
No fee
Surrender of Dog (City residents only) $40.00
Animal Impound (City residents) First impoundment: $50.00
Second impoundment: $75.00
Third and subsequent impoundment: $150.00
All impound fees shall also be charged unpaid animal license fees.
Boarding Fee (Over 48 hours) $15.00 per day ($30.00 per day after 48 hours)
Lost License or (Transfer of License) $5.00 ($10.00)
Non-Resident Animal Impound Fee First impoundment: $150.00
Second impoundment: $200.00
Third and subsequent impoundment: $250.00


Dog License Application
$30.00 per calendar year, $100.00 for a microchipped pet (lifetime), $25.00 if your pet is spayed/neutered, no fee for service dogs, and $15.00 for a senior citizen (65 years or older)
Every dog over 6 months residing in the City of Shelton limits must be licensed and have current rabies shots.  
Apply for a dog license at the Shelton Civic Center (525 West Cota Street)
Dog Adoption Application 

Facebook City of Shelton Dog Pound
Mason County Adopt-A-Pet
City of Shelton Municipal Code - Animals

Here are a couple happy dogs who have found forever homes:
Screenshot_2016-02-29-15-44-02-1     Shelton12005
Sebastian                                    Healy