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2019 Shelton Cleanup Program

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2019 Cleanup Voucher - ZONE Shelton Stream
Bring your garbage and trash, we'll do the rest! The City of Shelton is pleased to introduce the 2019 Shelton Cleanup Program. On or around July 9, 2019, Shelton residents will receive a cleanup voucher in the mail, good for free disposal of accumulated household garbage and trash during ONE visit to a designated collection site during the designated collection time for their Collection Zone. The collection zone, date, time, and location is listed on the voucher for each of the eight Collection Zones throughout the City.

“The 2019 Cleanup Program is an easy way for Shelton residents to dispose of some unwanted household garbage and trash,” said City Manager Jeff Niten. “We’re excited to offer this program this year and hope that folks will take advantage of it. Keeping our neighborhoods clean is a benefit to all of us. We look forward to working with the community over the coming weeks. We are also very grateful to Mason County Garbage & Recycling and the Shelton School District for partnering with the City to provide this service to our community.”

Please visit the 2019 Shelton Cleanup Page for more information.