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Solid Waste and Recycling

Our City provides solid waste and recycling collection services. We consider management of waste to be a resource; a resource that creates jobs, diversifies the local economy, protects the environment, and creates a sustainable future for our citizens.

Shelton uses automated trucks to pick up residential garbage and recycling, which has greatly increased employee safety as well as cost efficiency. A mechanical arm reaches out, picks up your cart, and empties the contents into the truck. Please do not lean anything (even more garbage) on your cart and place the cart at least 3 feet away from objects on either side.

Garbage and Recycle Pick up Routes and Days (PDF)

Garbage and Recyling gets picked up on all holidays.

Garbage and Recycle Pick Up Schedule

Solid Waste Do's & Don'ts

All waste and recycling carts are required to be out by 6:00 a.m. on your designated pick up day, at least 3 feet apart from one another, and at least 5 feet from cars, mailboxes, etc.

Bag your trash. Please bag the trash you place in your trash container to help keep it from blowing around your property and neighborhood and making our town look trashy! It is your responsibility to clean up around your container if materials fall or blow out of your trash receptacle.

Secure your containers. Waste and recycling carts must be stored on your property except when placed out for pick up on scheduled pickup days. They are not allowed to be stored in streets and alleys. Unsecured waste and recycling containers allow for easy illegal dumping by unscrupulous persons, in which case, you will be charged for extra trash pickups. In addition, they are unsightly to passersby and your neighbors, and they can limit vehicle access on streets and alleys.

All yard waste carts are picked up on Wednesdays of recycling weeks.

Whom do I call with questions about my trash or recycling pick up? Call the Solid Waste Department at (360) 426-9731.

Need to talk to someone as soon as possible? In the event of an emergency, please call Public Works directly at 426-9731 to report the incident. After hours, you can report emergency or urgent situations to (360) 426-4441. Examples of emergency or urgent situations include: serious water leaks, fallen trees in the roadway, sewage backing up into a household or business, water across the roadway or flooding buildings, hazardous material spills on the roadways, dangerous city street roadway conditions, such as sinkholes and potholes.

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